Thinking about a friendship or relationship with a Taurus? Consider these zodiac signs that can be good friends or bad enemies with a Taurus.

No matter how charming you can be, not everyone can be your best friend. That’s just a fact of life. This is true for everyone, and Taurus is definitely not an exception.

Some people absolutely adore their laidback nature, while others may find this too… boring (sorry, Taureans). Some people can also be put off by the Bull’s cautious and hesitant tendencies, while others may see this as an admirable step in being smart and careful with decisions.

Zodiac Signs That Make Good Friends Or Bad Enemies For A Taurus

Whether you’re a Taurus yourself hoping to expand your personal network, or you wish to see where you’ll stand with your new Taurus friend, keep on reading. Here are the zodiac signs that make good friends or bad enemies for a Taurus.

Zodiac Signs That Make Good Friends or Bad Enemies for a Taurus sign

Zodiac Signs That Make Good Friends for a Taurus

If you’re the type who would keep a friend around for more than just a good type, then there’s really nothing more you could want when you’ve already got a Taurus friend. Since Taurus is a fixed earth sign, they tend to live a stable, grounded life with a genuine focus on the things that matter. If you happen to be one of the following signs, then that’s even more reason to go searching for your Taurus best friend right now!

1. Cancer

A water sign and an earth sign friendship are among the more dependable zodiac pairings out there, mainly because of the well-balanced dynamic they have together. Taurus is definitely more realistic than most, while Cancer is more of a daydreamer.

Being a water sign, Cancer is also more open with their emotions, which is a good practice to witness and eventually adopt for the often stoic Bull. These two don’t pretend to enjoy spontaneous, late-night road trips since they both know they’d much rather enjoy a cozy night inside binging their favorite rom-com.

2. Capricorn

Who better understand an earth sign more than a fellow earth sign? Taken individually, earth signs are already quite chill and lowkey, so you wouldn’t have to worry about having too much of one thing if you put them together. Capricorns get Taureans, no questions asked.

Although these two may take a while to hit it off since they’re both cautious, their friendship is inevitable. They share a great, often unspoken, understanding of each other’s goals, desires, and guilty pleasures.

3. Pisces

Taurus and Pisces is yet another pairing that makes sense. The Bull is effortlessly drawn to the Fish because of the latter’s creative streak, which the former secretly wishes they had more of.

Just like Cancer, Pisces can help Taurus be more expressive with their emotions. In turn, Taurus helps Pisces with their patient reassurance. They are for sure each other’s rock and inspiration.

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Zodiac Signs that Make Bad Friends for a Taurus

For all the good things that Taurus naturally is, they still have some latent traits that don’t really result in favorable outcomes when met by certain personalities. If you’re a Taurus with the following signs in your life, be careful not to be in a dicey situation with them – unless you have no problem gaining an enemy.

1. Sagittarius

When a Taurus observes a Sagittarius in action, a lot of question marks pop up. This feeling is mutual. The Bull, who values routine and stability more than anything else, doesn’t readily understand how the Archer can have no change issues. This radically different life approach can make it difficult for these two to see eye-to-eye on things that matter.

2. Gemini

The Twins can’t comprehend why the Bull would go through a 30-minute detour to watch the sunset. Since Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus, they are ruled by their senses and seek to find beauty in everything. Meanwhile, the Mercury-ruled Gemini is much more practical and tends to focus on more intellectual things. This leaves few mutual interests for these two.

Generally, Taureans tend to have better, more lasting friendships with water signs, as well as their fellow earth signs. This isn’t to say, however, that they are natural enemies with fire and water signs. But it does have to be said that spontaneous and fun often translate to flakey and exhausting for Taureans.


Zodiac Signs That Make Good Friends or Bad Enemies for a Taurus sign