Interested in learning more about your Taurus sign? Here’s all you wanted to know about the sun, moon, and planets in Taurus signs.

Looking at the stars in the night sky is something that has always been done by human beings even before you were born. But more than that, some individuals dug a little deeper and came up with an explanation of the influence that all the constellations and placements of celestial bodies have over our lives.

The field of astrology is fascinating; the thought of having the universe, much as it is big and unknown, has something to say about who we are as people. If you are a Taurus and are curious to learn more about your sign (apart from your sun sign, you have a moon sign and a planet ruling over you), read on and enjoy this quick trip to the stars!

What to Know About Sun, Moon, and Planets in Taurus Signs

Sun, Moon, And Planets In Taurus Sign

Sun Sign

Taurus. An earth sign having the bull as a symbol, you are known to be very practical, stable, and intelligent. Your sun sign is dictated by your date of birth and describes who you are – your identity. Other than those stated, your sun sign tells you certain things that you want in this life. Your preferences, hobbies, and interests, to name a few. Please think of this sign as the tip of the iceberg: this is what other people think of you when they meet you.

Moon Sign

Just like how after exploring the tip, you slowly slide down of the iceberg, your moon sign is what other people discover about you the more they get to know you. This is your subconscious side, the one that drives your emotional reactions. Since the sky moves every second of every day, there is a specific placement of the celestial bodies at your time of birth, which ultimately dictates your moon sign.

If your moon sign falls under any of the following, here is a preview of what your moon sign has to say about you:

  • FIRE SIGN: Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius – Being a fire sign, you are leaning towards things that are different and new. Once you feel confident about yourself, you can drive all the negativity away and instead show that you are built to be strong and fierce.
  • EARTH SIGN: Taurus, Capricorn, or Virgo – An earth sign could tell you that productivity keeps you grounded. Working towards a specific goal makes you feel good about yourself. Change is inevitable, but new and different things still keep you stable.
  • WATER SIGN: Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio – It is easy for you to be emotionally attached to things that you surround yourself with. Anything new and different would make you a little bit more sensitive.
  • AIR SIGN: Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius – Having to face new challenges and different situations would instantly make you rational and objective. It also helps that you have a creative outlet to let off some steam. Additionally, you highly value your relationships, romantic or not.

Ruling Planet

There is a planet that is ruling over you, and this is dependent on your sun sign. Zodiac signs correspond to stars’ constellations and have a huge influence on your personality, but your ruling planet represents your foundational characteristics. It tells the way you interact with other individuals and identifies the aspect of your career you would excel. To put it in simpler times, your planet is the boss of you.

The planet Venus rules a Taurus. Known as the Roman goddess of beauty, love, and passion, you are also closely associated with these characteristics. Having Venus as your ruling planet tells you that it is in your nature to be charming, loving, romantic.

You feel strongly about keeping harmonious relationships with the people around you because you always look at the finer things in life. Complicating things does not make you happy. Instead, you want everything to be simple. But this does not mean you cannot appreciate anything that glimmers.

 This is just a sneak-peek into your sun sign, Taurus. There are much more things to learn about, and you’re encouraged that you do so! As long as you know your time and place of birth, you are good to go. It may not be backed up by science, but isn’t astrology a nice thing to get yourself into? Get to know yourself more and seek what the stars tell you!


What To Know About Sun, Moon, And Planets In Taurus Zodiac Signs