Is a Taurus woman giving you the silent treatment? Everything was going well with you two (or so you thought), but she suddenly started ignoring you.

It can be hurtful when a person ignores you, especially when you have no clue why it happened. Taurus women are like everyone else. They, too, need time to process their thoughts and feelings.

What It Means When A Taurus Woman Goes Silent On You

But what does it mean when a Taurus lady ignores you? How do you deal with a silent Taurus woman? Read on to know more about this frustrating situation.

When A Taurus Woman Goes Silent On You

What it means when a Taurus woman goes silent 

  1. She doubts your sincerity and genuineness.

A Taurus woman takes her relationships seriously. She doesn’t fool around when she’s pursuing someone. Until you have proven yourself, she won’t gamble her heart. She has mastered the art of building a fortress around herself. It’s like her survival mechanism to ward off heartbreaks and betrayals. So, she will likely go silent if she isn’t convinced about your authenticity.

  1. She thinks you’re irresponsible.

Taurus women are known for being responsible. If you failed to keep your promise to her, then it’s no surprise she isn’t talking to you. To these women, it’s very frustrating to deal with flaky people. She’s very careful about who she lets in her life, so that person should have good intentions and is responsible. Anything less than that is unacceptable to a Taurus girl.

  1. She thinks you don’t deserve her time.

Another possible reason she’s acting that way is that you simply aren’t worthy of her time. She values everything from small stuff like friendly smiles to significant things like honesty and kind acts. But if she sees that you don’t have anything of value to offer her, she’ll go silent on you.  

  1. She’s mad at you.

You might have made her mad if she’s treating you like air. The Taurus zodiac isn’t one to easily lose temper. However, once she does, she expresses her anger by either ignoring you or exploding on you. She’s very resentful, so it won’t help to be upset and ignore her back. 

  1. She doesn’t trust you anymore.

A Taurus lady is slow to trust. She needs time to warm up to people, especially when opening up to someone. Because she brings incredible passion and loyalty to the table, she expects you also equally to reciprocate. Nothing turns her off more than those who fail terribly at making decisions and rising to the occasion when time demands. 

A Taurus Woman Goes Silent On You

How to deal with a distant Taurus woman

  1. Give her some space. 

She deals with emotions alone. So if she’s ignoring you, consider avoiding contact with her for some time. If she’s being cold and distant, it’s her non-explicit way of telling you to give her time. Be busy with your life and wait for her to reach out to you. Let her decide how she’d like to proceed. If she still doesn’t contact you, try the next tip. 

  1. Be understanding.

Do you have a sweet, empathetic side in you? Then it’s time to leverage on that. Make a Taurus woman feel understood and accepted, and she’s gonna stop giving you silent treatment soon. Call her to show you’re genuinely concerned for her if you’ve given her space already. Don’t rush her; simply tell her you’ll be there whenever she’s ready to talk. 

  1. Stop nagging her.

Unless your Taurus girl accidentally ignored you because she simply had so much on her plate, she has a valid reason to stop talking to you. No matter how you disagree with it, you must respect her because it’s what she needs. If she needs space, give her. Or, if she’s decided to move on from you, respect her no matter how hard it is for you. 

  1. Don’t go into reactionary mode.

Are you an impulsive or aggressive type? If so, then this solution would probably be the hardest for you. As frustrating as it is, don’t try to get even with her. Ignoring her because she ignored you is not just childish; it’ll also hurt her even more. That said, don’t smother her, either. She’d pull even more if you’re too needy, so keep it light and calm. 

  1. Be honest about how you feel.

Is she willing to talk to you? Then tell her your side of things without losing composure. Be respectful and don’t be confrontational. Tell her how you honestly feel and try not to act distant. If you’re confused, tell her. If you’re hurt, say so. 


What It Means When A Taurus Woman Goes Silent On You