Many people know Venus as the planet of love and beauty. Did you know that it also symbolizes harmony? Governing the romantic relationships in people’s lives particularly, Venus also embodies all forms of peace and cooperation.

Now, what happens if this harmonious and positive planet is in Taurus? Well, it’s surely gonna be relaxing for everyone.

Venus in Taurus Mean Personality Traits For Man, Woman, Compatibility, Sexuality, and Significance

Plus, with Venus being the ruling planet of Taurus, it’s no wonder steadiness, beauty, resourcefulness, commitment, and luxury are all amplified during this special placement. Read on to know how Venus in Taurus impacts the various aspects of life. 

Venus in Taurus Male Personality 

A Venus in Taurus guy is observant and meticulous. He’s also a hedonist, valuing pleasure above all else. This explains his very sensual nature.

To him, life is solely a journey for pleasing his senses and finding excitement. And because Venus’ energy flows through this sign, it allows him to be easygoing and energetic. He’s also super devoted and sacrifices many things for his loved ones. 

  1. Reliable and faithful

He’s devoted and responsible. People can count on him to stick by them through thick and thin. He’s also sweet, warm, and genuine. He loves being with his family and friends. Still, he also doesn’t mind spending some time alone if he needs it. More often than not, he has a smile on his face as he goes about his daily life. 

  1. Truly a dream partner.

He’s also a natural giver. In fact, he’s like a real-life Santa Claus, with how often he gives presents. He respects his partner’s thoughts and emotions above everything else. Plus, with his artistic and sentimental nature, he’s definitely an ideal partner for anyone. He may even be sappy at times, but he’s always sincere.

Venus in Taurus Female Personality 

A Venus in Taurus woman is sweet, loving, and strong. She’s also charming and warm. No wonder she’s one of the girls everyone wants to get along with.

She’s also simple and likes to live her life comfortably and peacefully. As a naturally sensual sign, her senses are very sensitive, specifically her sense of touch. 

  1. A spouse material

She enjoys caring for her family because it gives her stability and mental security. In fact, she gives more significance to security or material safety than to emotional balance. Her love language is through practical actions, say, washing your car for you. She’s also likely to make you your favorite meal. 

  1. Has a luxurious taste

Some would argue that since she’s a dream partner, it’s okay for her to be a luxury lover. Still, others wouldn’t agree. Luckily, she isn’t the snobbish type. So, she won’t get fussy about being taken to a cheap restaurant. She knows how to satisfy her senses, and that is through good quality. 

Venus in Taurus Compatibility 

Those born under Venus in Taurus are extremely sensual regarding love. One of the requirements they have for a partner is sexual compatibility.

They enjoy wining and dining and just about any traditional approach to romance. Pisces is a great match for Taurus since both are on the introverted side yet extremely sensual. Both appear sweet and innocent, but their connection is truly unmatched once they’re behind closed doors.

Another very compatible sign is Scorpio. When Scorpio and Taurus meet, their sexual tension is instant and profound. Plus, both are extremely loyal and dedicated to their partners.

Venus in Taurus Sexuality 

Regarding Venus in Taurus, sex and romance involve all five senses. Possibly the most physical of sexual partners, touch is of paramount importance within Taurus natives’ interactions.

They live in the moment, both physically and naturally. Since they’re very sensual and have sexual signs, having sex comes extremely naturally to these folks. It’s why they’re seemingly always matched with a sexual partner. Because of their high stamina, sex with them is typically steady and long-lasting.

If you’re born with Venus in Taurus, then…

You’re concerned with material items since you’re associated with security, comfort, and stability. Although you’re frugal, you can be hedonistic.

In other words, you often indulge in extravagances, wearing designer brands, eating at fancy restaurants, or sleeping on luxury sheets. When it comes to matters of the heart, you love expressing yourself. You prefer relationships where there are tons of closeness and affection. You may come across as stoic, but fortunately, in your case, your actions speak louder than your words.


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