Trying to convince your Taurus man to miss you? Here are some tips to try and change his mind and want you back after a breakup.

Admit it; it feels good to know that someone misses you. More so if it’s a Taurus man known for being dependable, humble, and diligent.

But how can you make such a man miss you like crazy and, better yet, want you back? These highly independent creatures need someone patient.

Also, sometimes, they may need a little push. After all, Taurus guys are stubborn and aren’t the type to easily admit they miss you.

Tips to Make Your Taurus Man Miss You And Want You Back

When it comes to their feelings, Taurus men aren’t the most forthcoming. But don’t worry, we can help you with that. Here are 10 tips to make your Taurus guy miss you and want you back.

Tips To Make Your Taurus Man Miss You and Want You Back

  1. Be less available.

A Taurus man loves it when you don’t wait for or hover over him 24/7. Otherwise, it’ll only stifle the excitement in your relationship and give him no reason to miss you. So, make sure you live your own life and hang out with your other friends. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re icing him out. Just simply being less available to his desires or whims is enough to send a signal of independence.

  1. Send selfies.

He’s a visual type of guy, so one way to stimulate his sense of sight is to send him your selfies, preferably sexy ones. It’s a great way to get your Taurus man to miss you. And by sexy pictures, we don’t mean full-blown nude shots. They must be tempting enough for him, so there’s something left to the imagination. 

  1. Don’t reply immediately.

In addition, don’t be too quick in replying to his texts and messages. For example, you can give it 10 minutes to an hour or more before responding. Doing so will keep him on his toes and prevent him from taking you for granted. Plus, it’ll be a good reminder to him that you also have other priorities.

  1. Drop hints on social media.

Does your Taurus man use social media? If yes, then you can leverage this. Odds are, he still keeps an eye on your posts. One of the best ways to know whether or not he wants you back is to post about your successes. He’ll miss you when he sees how much fun you’ve had without him.

  1. Flirt with him.

Want to keep that spark alive? Then it’s time to take your flirty game up a notch. Your Taurus guy will surely miss your flirty and fun banter and compliments when you aren’t together. He’ll be looking forward to the next time he can see you. Moreover, flirting is one of this sign’s expertise, so he will likely return the same energy.

Alluring Tips To Make Your Taurus Man Miss You and Want You Back

  1. Look stunning.

Attraction is the key to a relationship, whether we like it or not. Sure, personality makes a person look far more attractive. However, it doesn’t hurt to be at your best, especially with a Taurus man. He loves glam and style, so looking stunning is an effective way to make him miss you. 

  1. Give him a lot of admiration.

Taurus natives love when people genuinely admire them. Your Taurus man might move slowly, but he’s rather ambitious. If you can make him feel amazing and successful, you won’t stray away from his mind. Consider asking for his advice on things, and make sure to listen attentively.

  1. Be somewhat mysterious.

Adding some intrigue is a proven way to make a Taurus man miss you. When talking to him, leave some details out about yourself. This way, he’ll think about you when you’re gone. He might even send you several follow-up questions. You can also be open and playful while being a bit teasing. Be a little hard to reach but not too much. 

  1. Remind me of the good times you two had.

One of the flaws of Taurus men is their tendency to take themselves too seriously. Even when a Taurus guy is in love, he can sometimes get drowned in all his problems and worries. Remind him of the good memories you two share to make him miss you. A nostalgic conversation can go a long way in bringing back all those positive memories.

  1. Give him a sweet present.

Taurus natives love material possessions. To make this man long for you, give him a present. Classic gifts would appeal to his romantic self. You can also think of giving him something sentimental, so he’s reminded of you whenever you’re away. Oh, and you might want to leave him a note as well. 


10 Alluring Tips To Make Your Taurus Man Miss You and Want You Back