With a little patience and texting, you can effectively talk with a Taurus guy! Slide into his DMs the right way. The following are tips for texting a Taurus man.

Do you have your eyes set on a Taurus man? Well, no one can blame you, really, because who wouldn’t want someone as hardworking, sensual, and stable as this native?

But what if you wish to text him but aren’t sure how to go with it? When crushing on or dating a Taurus guy, you must know how to communicate with him over text messages.

10 Tips For Texting With A Taurus Man

When flirting with the Bull, one great way to get his attention is to be upbeat and compassionate in your text. Want to know more? Continue reading to discover the tips for texting with a Taurus man.

Tips For Texting With A Taurus Man

  1. Be bubbly and friendly.

Hardcore flirting isn’t always the magic formula. For Taurus men, it’s the opposite. Sure, flirting can help you get your crush revved up, but you must do it subtly, which we will discuss later. For now, your safest bet is to be upbeat. Building up the trust between you by being friends and warm is a great way to make him warm up to you faster.

  1. Send him selfies.

Taurus guys are visual creatures, meaning they’re imaginative. Appeal to this side of your Taurus guy by sending him cute selfies. Revealing photos might be too much for him at this stage, so send him your cutest selfies instead. Snap photos of yourself when you’re doing something fun or wearing your newly bought outfit.

  1. Talk about food.

Good food and cooking are a surefire to a Taurus man’s heart. When texting him and you’ve run out of topics to say, talk about food. Send him your homemade meals or discuss with him your favorite restaurants. He’s likely a real foodie, so highlighting your culinary ability or interest in food can make a good impression on him. 

  1. Display your intelligence.

Taurus men are usually quite smart and practical. Thus, one of the best ways to attract them through text is to show them that you’re more than just good looks. For instance, if you know a subject he’s interested in, research that subject and discusses your findings with him. He’ll surely love discovering and getting to know your intelligent self. 

  1. Be subtle with flirting.

Sure, he wants to know you like him. However, at the same time, he’s also drawn to modest women. Once you’ve moved to the stage of sharing lots of compliments and having a solid texting friendship, you can now start flirting. But make sure to keep it low-key and classy. Be coy and a subtle flirt to indicate your interest in him without coming on too strong.

Brilliant Tips For Texting With A Taurus Man

  1. Keep your texts sweet and caring.

Send him text messages like wishing him to have a nice or anything along the lines that indicate that you care but without any sort of attachment. Another way to be sweet is to invite him for food. Better yet, cook for him at your place, only if you’re comfortable enough to have him in your home. 

  1. Go slow.

A Taurus man hates being rushed into anything. He’s good-natured and likes taking things slow, including getting to know you. When flirting with him, be fun and friendly. More importantly, don’t send him several messages, especially when he fails to respond immediately. Doing so will surely put him off. To win this man’s heart, you must be patient. 

  1. Ask for his help.

He’s constructive and pragmatic and wants to feel useful. Go to him if you need any advice or help, and he’s surely gonna feel flattered. Make sure to pick something you know he’s good at. Generally, anything practical is good since Taurus men are naturally hands-on and logical. He’s also likely to be knowledgeable about finances since he greatly cares about financial security. 

  1. Compliment him.

He likes being recognized and praised for his intelligence and practical skills. Of course, you can compliment his good looks. But to make him even more valued, compliment specific qualities about him. If you succeed, he’ll be more affectionate toward you. 

  1. Open up to him.

Open communication is essential in every relationship. A Taurus man is very big on communication. He likes being involved in his partner’s life. To make him like you, be honest with him. Share more personal details about yourself with him to tell him that you trust him implicitly. In time, he’ll trust you in return. 


10 Brilliant Tips For Texting With A Taurus Man