Browsing for tips before your date with a Taurus girl? Here are some interesting things you should know about dating a Taurus woman.

It was easy to spot her in a crowded bar. Not because she was loud or particularly friendly. Instead, you noticed her calm self-assuredness in the way she spoke and carried herself.

Not to mention that she’s dripping in sophistication by the looks of her clothes alone. Sound familiar? If a certain woman came to mind just by reading that, then she’s probably a Taurus.

6 Things To Know About Dating A Taurus Woman

You’re smart, so if you’re both available, then you’re probably thinking about making a move. Whether you’re just planning to do that, or you already have, you still might need a little bit of support. To give you just that, here are 6 things to know about dating a Taurus woman.

Things You Should Know About Dating A Taurus Woman

1. She has very particular tastes.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is the planet that symbolizes love and beauty. This makes your Taurus woman a creature of the senses and an admirer of the beautiful.

Whenever you plan on getting her something for birthdays, anniversaries, or even just for the hell of it, make sure that you pick something that would pass her high standards. Don’t worry if you don’t immediately nail this down. The great thing about Taurus women is that they’re not afraid to tell you what they want.

2. She loves the courting and honeymoon stages.

Once you’re lucky enough to be noticed by a Taurus woman, don’t waste the opportunity. Go all out! Shower her with all her favorite things.

For instance, why not surprise her at her office for lunch and take her to her favorite sushi restaurant? She loves feeling special, and if you manage to do that, it won’t be long before she loves you too.

3. She’s in it for the long haul, as long as you can be patient.

Another trait that greatly influences Taurus women is that they’re earth signs, which means that they value stability more than anything else – especially in their relationships. So if until now you see dating as a game, then it’s best to save you both some time and just move along. This woman is definitely not looking for a boy toy; they want a reliable partner who will support them as they work to achieve their goals.

Tips for Taurus girlfriend

4. She stays true to her word – and expects you to do the same.

A Taurus woman never speaks lightly. It is in their nature to take a cautious approach with everything they do. Don’t be scared – they just mean what they say!

For instance, when they tell you they’ll bet at the theatre at 7 PM for your date, then you can expect them to be there at exactly that time, maybe even earlier. The only thing they ask in return is that you do the same. So before you make promises to a Taurus woman, make sure you can deliver.

5. Sometimes, work can get in the way of romance…

Being an earth sign ruled by Venus, Taurus women value the beautiful things in life; they’re not the type of gal to pass up a gorgeous handbag. This is why it’s a good thing that they’re also focused on achieving their goals.

Female Taureans are career women, and the last thing you want to do is tell them to relax when it comes to work. Unfortunately, this drive may turn them into slight workaholics, which may put a strain on your relationship.

6. …but you can count on them to make up for it in a big way.

Although Taurus women may sometimes have trouble balancing work with their relationship, they always make sure that they’re not behind with either. This means that if they realize that they haven’t been available for date nights lately, then they would plan a romantic weekend getaway with you.

They don’t rely on the rusty stereotype that only men can woo women. Lucky for you, they also want to show you how much they appreciate you, and they can easily sweep you off your feet, too.


Dating, even casually, is a great way to find out who you really are. However, if you feel like you’re at a point in your life where you’re ready to settle down, then go find yourself a Taurus woman. A final piece of advice: it’s impossible to earn their trust again once you break it. So make sure you never do.


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