Dating a Taurus girl or even trying to catch her attention can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing. Honest and trustworthy, this woman values practicality and can be pretty demanding in relationships.

For starters, she wants her partner to be secure and stable. She seeks someone who enjoys kinship and cuddles as much as she does.

Sounds simple enough? Nah, those are just barely scratching the surface.

10 Charming Things A Taurus Woman Likes In A Partner

Here are the 10 things a Taurus woman likes in a partner. Knowing this stuff will help you break the ice or keep the fire burning with your Taurus lady. Let’s get started, shall we?

Things A Taurus Woman Likes In A Partner

  1. He/She who has good looks.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, it’s no wonder Taurus, men and women alike, are strongly attracted to physical looks. Taurus ladies, in particular, look for a well-groomed man. Given her well-developed sense of beauty, choosing a partner for her largely depends on how a guy looks. 

  1. Someone who is mellow.

She’s both a town and a country lady. She enjoys the city while also being environmentally conscious and a nature lover. Because of this, she enjoys serene country life. So, if you’re a mellow person and a homebody to boot, then your chances of making her like you are greater. 

  1. Someone who is chivalrous.

It cannot be stressed enough– a Taurus woman isn’t fond of modern dating practices. Being a player or a serial dater won’t fascinate her. In fact, it might just turn her off. When someone courts her, he or she should be gallant and patient. She doesn’t and cannot be hurried, so a person must be affectionate and persistent while still being gentle. 

  1. Someone who is thoughtful. 

The Taurus woman is known for her rich, sophisticated taste. One of the many things she gets her happiness from is the fine indulgences in life. You don’t necessarily have to buy her expensive things all the time. Just learning about her and trying activities she’s passionate about is enough. 

  1. Someone who is a career-minded.

Growing up, a Taurus woman has always dreamed of achieving greatness. It’s why she avoids the average and puts a lot of hard work, energy, time, and money into improving herself. Thus, if you’re an ambitious person who has finances in place, it’ll be easy to impress her. But make sure not to come off boastful and flashy. She hates those types. After all, she’s of an Earth element, a sign who’s profoundly down-to-earth.

Charming Things A Taurus Woman Likes In A Partner

  1. Someone loves nature.

As we’ve mentioned and as you probably already know, Taurus is an earth sign. Earth signs are popular for being rational, steady, and grounded. Taurus is especially very in touch with nature. Although she likes staying indoors, she also craves time to be with nature. You have an advantage if you love nature as much as she does. Inviting her for a leisure outdoor or picnic walk is a great idea. 

  1. Someone who is responsible.

Are you a responsible person? If you’re willing to own up to your mistakes and bad choices in life and not run away, then a Taurus woman will like you. Everyone makes mistakes, and she knows this very well. Rather than looking for a perfect person, she only wants someone dependable and brave enough to admit when he or she is wrong and does their best to fix it.

  1. Someone who likes taking care of people.

Another thing that a Taurus woman seeks in a man is his ability and willingness to take care of her. Don’t get us wrong. She doesn’t need a guy to tell her what to do. In fact, she’s extremely independent. Rather, she wants a man who can let her be vulnerable when necessary. Also, she needs someone stronger than her and is willing to put her and her needs first. 

  1. Someone who is trustworthy.

One surefire way to worm your way to a Taurus woman’s heart is to earn her trust. She’s honest and trustworthy, so she expects the same from any guy she dates. If she suspects you’re being deceitful or you won’t be trustworthy in the future, you’d be out of the picture faster than you can blink. 

  1. Someone who is affectionate.

Taurus is represented by the Bull, meaning it’s a tough (and stubborn) sign. Interestingly, it’s mostly just an exterior. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find Taurus natives sensitive. She’s a huge fan of affection like kissing, making out, hugging, cuddling, you name it.


10 Charming Things A Taurus Woman Likes In A Partner