Trying to find Taurus dating advice? Before you date a Taurus, check out this list of creative date ideas with a Taurus zodiac sign.

Are you having second thoughts on whether to book that weekend trip with someone you’re dating? If they’re a Taurus, you might want to think things through. Dating a Taurus is equally fun and challenging.

They like to live life as if it’s made of gold; luxury and comfort are what they look for. They are not picky, but they would rather have a chill Netflix night with wine than go out for a late-night drive.

One thing you have to know about this zodiac is that even if they could sometimes look detached from their emotions, they would kill to feel loved and special. Still not sure on what to do for your first date? Here are some ideas that you might (and should!) consider.

Taurus Zodiac Sign Date Ideas: Creative Ideas For Dates With A Taurus

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1. Do something fancy

As mentioned, they love anything that looks, feels, and tastes like a luxury. Dress up – wear the neatest long sleeves or the fanciest nightdress – and ask them to a rooftop bar where you could appreciate the city lights. You could also arrange a reservation at the biggest steak restaurant.

But you could also opt to stay at home; not everything fancy has to be expensive! You could prepare dinner with scented candles and roses all over the place. It’s still as intimate, romantic, and grand as they would want a date to be! As long as it looks like you prepared so much for this date, a Taurus would greatly appreciate it.

2. Go shopping

Again, nothing grabs the attention of a Taurus more than a lavish lifestyle! Asking them out to go shopping with them is something they would look forward to. If their birthday is coming up, or they have an event to go to, you could offer your help in choosing what to wear.

They also would not hesitate to buy more stuff they probably won’t need, which is where your help could come in; remind them to NOT splurge as much! But honest to goodness, this won’t stop a Taurus from spending cash on unnecessary things.

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3. Watch musicals

Nothing in this world could describe how much a Taurus wants something luxurious and fancy, and what’s fancier than dressing up to watch Broadway’s Hamilton? Apart from being a pricey date, it is advised to reserve dates like this for special occasions; birthdays, work anniversaries, and the like.

Making sure to celebrate life milestones with a special date is also something a Taurus would want. They put value in everything that they do, so let them know that they’re appreciated.

4. Pamper yourselves

Was it a tiring work week? Are you both stressed and need a breather? Go to the best salon in town and have a spa date! This is a date that a Taurus would love since this is a place where they could relax and leave their busy world for a while. On top of that, they get to spend time with you.

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5. Go old school

Whatever sign you are, wherever you grew up, however you want your dates to be, you probably would never go wrong with old school dates. Ask them out for a Sunday morning stroll. Go roller skating and dance your hearts out to 80s pop songs. Hit the nearest arcade place and fool around like you’re in your teens.

Is it raining? Pull them to go out and play around under the rain. It’s romantic, it’s intimate, and it’s not your usual date. They would look forward to going out with you again.

There are a lot of things you could do to make a Taurus’ heart flutter. Yes, they are hard to please, but when you do, you’re in for the ride of a lifetime. You could pull off your first date with them, but remember that these earth signs are smart; more than a wonderful night, they need someone who can match their energy and intellect.

As much fun and interesting astrology could be, do not solely rely on these tips. Talk to her, and show her that you’re interested in getting to know more about her hobbies and interests. Remember, they are attracted to people with depth.


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