Are you curious in learning all there is to know about the zodiac sign of Taurus? Here are Taurus symbols and associations that define them.

If they’re stubborn, luxurious, and practical, then odds are, they’re a Taurean. But the best indicator that a person is a Taurus is if he/she is born between April 20 to May 20.

Taureans possess an attractive sense of stability, determination, and confidence. Among the entire zodiac, this sign is the best personification of growth and development.

Very rooted and down-to-earth, these folks are often applauded for their caring and compassionate nature. On the other hand, they can be deeply material and attach their happiness with possession.

Nonetheless, they make great friends and partners. Today, let’s talk about the associations and symbols of this earth sign so you can get to know and understand your Tauren friend, partner, or yourself better. 

Taurus Symbols And Associations

Taurus zodiac sign elements

Symbol: the Bull

In astrology, a bull represents the Taurus sign. This persistent and plodding animal has two speeds: calm and content or hyped-up and reaches to charge. This means that a Taurus patiently evaluates something and once there’s a green light, it instantly charges. But until then, slow and steady is the vibe of a Taurus. Also, when their temper is tested, their anger can be scary.

Glyph: Bull’s head and horns

Its glyph is illustrated to depict the head and two horns of the Bull. Its symbol is a circle (head) and a semi-circle (horns) on top. As reflected in its symbol, the Bull is popular for its strength, steadfastness, and stubbornness. On the other hand, it also has remarkable patience, hard work, and dependability.

Ruling Planet: Venus

Venus is the most similar planet to Earth, thus, has been the center of many astrologers’ fascination. It’s named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, which speaks for Taurus’ materialistic nature. Interestingly, their great attachment to beauty and expensive things are rather genuine. They don’t show them off, but more like, they buy luxurious things to treat themselves and use the things as they were intended. 

Element: Earth

Earth signs like Taurus like to keep things real. They live life keeping their feet on the ground and are the people who bring others down to earth. Taurus individuals are slow and steady as much as they are loyal and stable. They’re known as the “builders” of the zodiac. 

Modality: Fixed

The main characteristics of fixed signs are loyal, unyielding, and stable. As such, they tend to resist change but also have amazing follow-through. They’re also more persevering than others, sticking up to their ideas and seeing them through no matter what. 

Associated house: the Second House

Taurus is ruled by the Second house, which represents possession of both material and non-material things. This means that they recognize the value of all things, experiences, and relationships in life. They are faithful to their personal possessions and finances as much as they are to their values and self-worth. The 2nd house shows how you approach money and your overall feelings about it. Likewise, your self-esteem and self-worth as well as the values you adhere to are shown in this house. Taureans are born to enjoy material reality, and thus, should always keep in mind to do just that.

Constellation: Taurus

The Taurus Symbol is widely believed to come from the Taurus constellation. The constellation is huge with two famous star clusters: Hyades and Pleiades. Its brightest star is the red giant, Aldebaran, also called “the eye of the Bull.”

Color: Green

Green is grounded in nature. Additionally, it has a vivaciousness that nurtures and revitalizes Taurus. On top of that, green is the color of wealth, which is something Taurans highly value. This color also represents growth, signifying the lush pastures the Bull resides in. 

Metal: Copper

The metal association of Taurus is copper. It’s the perfect alloy that mixes easily with nearly all other metals. Copper is also the metal of Venus and like Taurus is linked to beauty, sensuality, and love. 

Flower: Rose

Rose is the closest flower associated with Taurus. Taurus is a sign with classy and expensive taste whereas roses are the perfect representation of luxury and class. 

Gemstones: Emerald, Rose Quartz

Taurus has two gemstones. First is the emerald which is also linked with Venus and has a rich green hue (like Taurus’ official color). On the other hand, rose quartz has a gentle and loving energy that helps bring emotional healing to Taureans. 

Famous Taurus Celebrities: Gal Gadot, Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Alba, John Cena, and Tim McGraw.


Taurus Symbols And Associations Taurus Zodiac Sign Elements