Find out more about the Taurus symbol. Learn about the Taurus zodiac sign’s origin and meaning as well as an overview of its mythology.

Just like the other 11 signs of the zodiac, Taurus has symbols that represent the unique qualities that define Taureans. Out of the 12 zodiac signs, only three of them (Virgo, Gemini, and Libra) aren’t represented by animals. For instance, the very first sign in the zodiac which also precedes Taurus is represented by the Ram.

This is because Aries is often associated with that “every man for himself” mindset, much like its representative animal. Curious to know more things like this about the Bull? Here’s everything you need to learn about the origin and meaning of the Taurus sign.

Taurus Symbol: Learn The Origin And Meaning For The Taurus Sign

Taurus Symbol: Learn The Origin and Meaning for the Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus Mythology: The Story Behind the Bull

Unsurprisingly, the story that has come to be associated with this zodiac sign originates from Greeks. This tale stars the king of the gods himself – Zeus. He fell in love with the beautiful princess of Phoenicia (sorry, Hera) and he decided that he could win her affection by turning himself into a majestic white bull.

Yeah, you read that right; apparently nice dates and expensive gifts didn’t really do the trick at the time. Anyway, when the princess, named Europa, saw Zeus in white bull form, she was immediately smitten and decided to get on him right away (Okay… no judgment here).

Zeus took off and crossed the entire Mediterranean ocean until they reached the island of Crete. This is where they eventually gave birth to their son, Minos, who would soon become the infamous king who would soon go forth and create his own peculiar stories.

The bull is a great representative for Taureans because it also carries their most distinct traits: they command respect without being forceful and are usually peaceful – that is, until you bother them first, in which case they have no qualms about charging headfirst.

Taurus Symbol: Learn The Origin and Meaning for the Taurus Zodiac Sign 2

The Taurus Glyph

The symbol of the Taurus that you would most often see in jewelry, clothing, or other customizable merchandise is called a glyph. It is usually depicted with an almost circular base and an outward-curving U-shape right on top, which – you guessed it! – is supposed to reflect a bull’s head, horns and all. However, the Taurus glyph, along with that of other zodiacs’, may appear different depending on how the artist chose to render it.

An interesting thing to note about the Taurus glyph is how other people choose to interpret it. For centuries, the Taurus constellation has been used as a guide by many civilizations, mostly for agriculture, thanks to its prominence in the sky.

Can you give another celestial body with frequently changing phases that also used to be a big guide for ancient people? Yep, that’s right – the moon! If you look at the Taurus glyph, it almost looks like a full moon (the bull’s head) with a laid down half-moon (the bull’s horns) right on top of it.

How about you – how would you choose to interpret this simple yet eye-catching glyph?

Taurus Symbol: Learn The Origin and Meaning for the Taurus Zodiac Sign 2

Venus: The Ruling Planet For Taurus

Because Taureans are as solid as a rock when it comes to most things, people sometimes forget that they have a certain sensitivity to them as well. This is all thanks to their ruling planet, Venus, which represents love and beauty.

The symbol for Venus is a circle with a cross at the bottom. This is supposed to represent spirit over matter. This means that anyone that Venus rules over lets their senses prevail over anything else that’s more tangible.

For Taurus, this manifests as an ability to observe details that other people would usually miss. Not only do they observe these details, but they also make it a point to remember them. They’re the kind of people who you could bring home to meet the parents. They would probably remember to bring a thoughtful gift for your mother, which could make your father suspicious, but then again Taurus would hit him up about his favorite sports team.

This same sensitivity and thoughtfulness also translate into how Taurus shows affection and intimacy. To paint a clear yet not so revealing picture, Taureans are incredibly great with their hands and are always generous.

Symbols exist so that people have something to identify. Although some Taureans don’t really like the Bull since it represents, well, bull-headedness, it could also just be a great reminder of what to avoid.



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