Wondering what the worst characteristics Taurus has? Here are some negative personality traits and weaknesses that Taurus signs can work on.

If you are currently surrounded with Taureans, it is more likely that you are walking on eggshells. These Earth signs, as much as they are fun to be around with, can be stubborn and sensitive at times.

Just for a quick background: Taurus, which is represented by the Bull, is an earth sign. This zodiac is ruled by the planet Venus – the planet that is all about beauty, love, and luxury.

From the get-go, Taureans can be perceived as emotionally distant individuals. While this might be true for most times, among all the zodiac signs, Taureans have one of the biggest hearts. To know what to watch out for, we have rounded up a list of the negative traits and weaknesses of a Taurus.

Taurus Negative Personality Traits And Weaknesses To Improve On

Taurus negative traits

1. They Can Have A Bad Temper

When working with a Taurus, it is best to clear things with them from the very beginning. They hate it when you keep on asking the same questions and repeating the same mistakes, as it is counterproductive. You should not waste their time in any way, because they could be very brutal and harsh with their words when you cross their line.

Should you have angered a Taurus, the best thing you can do is leave them alone and let them cool down. If you want to talk things out with them, wait for them to come to you. But if they don’t, it’s best to sweep things under the rug. Since these people tend to give off the cold shoulder, it is not their thing to hold grudges. Sometimes, all they need is a time off and a little breather and they are back to their old selves again.

taurus negative characteristics

2. They Can Be Possessive

If you are in a relationship with a Taurus, their jealousy and possessiveness could be one of the main causes of conflict. Yes, they are known to be emotionally distant, but things turn around when it comes to their love interest. Once they are invested in a person whom they share romantic relations with, they become the total opposite of who they are: clingy, needy, and chummy.

This attitude also extends to friendships and familial relations. Your best friend, who is a Taurus, can easily get jealous once they feel like you found someone who you would rather share the latest gossip with. When they have siblings, they try their hardest to always be in the spotlight. They do everything to make sure that they are their parents’ favorite.

3. They Can Be Stubborn

This is a no-brainer, as this is what a Taurus is known for. If you get in a big conflict with them – and we mean a really big one – it would be a little harder for you to keep in touch with them. Sometimes, admitting you’re wrong and saying a lot of sorry’s won’t even cut it.

A Taurus also wants things to go their way. Otherwise, they would throw tantrums and pick up a fight; they will show you, despite justified reasons, why they should be followed. Take note of this, and don’t ever forget it!

taurus weaknesses

4. They Can Be Greedy And Materialistic

It is no question that they are hardworking; once they set their mind to something, they see to it that they could achieve this goal. However, it could get unhealthy once they start to do everything – even unethical means – without considering how bad their attitude turns out to be along the way.

When you see them get greedy, you could give them a gentle reminder to slow things down. They would appreciate it. Everyone has aspects in their lives that they need to improve, and it’s great that a Taurus needs someone who could call them out when things get out of hand. These earth signs appreciate people who could be their anchor; who would help them pull everything together when it seems like they no longer can do so.

Being with a Taurus – or any sign for that matter – is a blessing. Just like with anything else, we just have to figure out the things that are worth going through all the pain and hardships. Now, go, and make sure you could tame your bull from here on out.


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