Trying to find the best compatibility for love and dating for the Taurus zodiac sign? See what signs are most and least compatible with Taurus signs.

You might be here because you just found out that the birthday of that cute guy you’ve been eyeing falls between April 20 and May 20. Whatever the case may be, compatibility is definitely one of the first things to look at when you’re thinking about wooing a new boo.

Zodiac signs are a great albeit not completely accurate way of gauging that. Even if it’s just for kicks, want to know who this famous earth sign is destined to be with? Read on to learn everything you need to know about Taurus compatibility for love and dating.

Taurus Compatibility For Love: Best And Worst Signs For Dating

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What is a Taurus most compatible with?

  • Cancer
    The Taurus-Cancer pairing has been blessed by the heavens from the very beginning. These signs are two spaces apart in the Zodiac, and for any zodiac pairing with that positioning, a harmonious sharing of the soul can be expected. That may sound cheesy, but these two truly understand each other on a fundamental level. Their connection is one that not a lot of people find, let alone comprehend. More than their innate connection, Taurus and Cancer also value the same thing in a relationship. For one, they both prioritize security and a stable home life; they love being home bodies and enjoy each other’s company more than other people’s.
  • Virgo
    Although this relationship may take a while to fully develop thanks to Virgo’s reserved, apprehensive nature (a girl has to be careful, you know?), once things get going, there’s no stopping Taurus and Virgo from taking things directly to the end of the aisle. Since both are Earth signs, this couple tends to be practical yet opulent. They love surrounding themselves with beautiful things, so you can expect their home together to be one of the best you could ever set foot in. The biggest challenge that these two have to overcome is the clash that can result from Virgo’s criticisms and Taurus’ stubbornness.

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What other signs are a Taurus most attracted to?

  • Taurus
    Who else can appreciated Taurus’ best qualities other than a fellow Taurus? If there’s a zodiac pairing out there that can overcome any kind of obstacle to make a relationship work, it’s this one. There are a few things in the world that Taurueans love more than a stable relationship, so you can bet anything that these two would work hard to maintain what they have. Since they show and crave love in the same ways, you can expect this pairing to be highly sensual and satisfying. As you would also expect, however, these two need to be wary of where they stand during disagreements. They both have to compromise where they can if they’re truly committed to having a great relationship.
  • Capricorn
    Taurus, being ruled by Venus, often exudes a feminine vibe. This is why the disciplined, masculine energy that Capricorns give off effortlessly pulls them in. Since this is another Earth sign pairing, at this point it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that these two together work so well. They both appreciate a grounded, stable relationship that still has enough room for them to indulge in their respective creature comforts every once in a while. Taurus and Capricorn also balance each other out well, with Taurus able to remind Capricorn to occasionally take breaks from work and enjoy the beauty of life while they still can.

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What signs are a Taurus least compatible with?

  • Aries
    Generally speaking, fire signs aren’t the Bull’s cup of tea. The rash and demanding nature of Aries, for instance, would immediately clash against Taurus’ need to take things at a steady pace. This is much like that “couple” you briefly knew, with the girl who loves to be wooed all the time and the guy who just wants to get right to it.
  • Sagittarius
    Sagittarius is another fire sign that Taurus may want to swipe left on, since the former’s hunger for adventure and all things new would definitely go against the life of routine that Taurus holds dear.

Forget everything you’ve heard about Taureans being boring. In their defense, they know how to have fun and let loose – as long as it’s with someone they’re really into. More importantly, as long as they know they’re going home with that same person, these commitment junkies can’t ask for more.


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