Interested in finding out if Taurus and Aquarius make a good couple? Here is Taurus and Aquarius compatibility in love, life, and friendship.

“Is it really possible to make a relationship work if two people want to wear the pants and take control?”  This is probably one of the first questions that will come to mind if you ever encounter a Taurus and Aquarius couple.

Just to plant a solid image in your head, they are the kind of couple that would build a business together and would rather manage that business than spend time with their kids. Yikes. Although these two aren’t completely heartless, you might get the vibe that they would much rather work together than build a life together.

But really, it’s not all that bad. To help you decide for yourself if these two have a chance at love, here is everything you need to know about Taurus and Aquarius compatibility.

Taurus And Aquarius Compatibility In Love And Life

Taurus And Aquarius Compatibility In Love And Life

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility in Love

Sadly, it is not like the movies for these two. They don’t spot each other across a crowded bar, lock eyes, and immediately feel an unstoppable connection. Nope.

Frankly, it’s a challenge for these two to even find each other attractive in the first place. Taurus, being ruled by Venus, exudes a gentle, feminine energy.

This is usually a good sign for romantic or even just physical relationships where sensuality is a must. But then, you have Aquarius who is ruled by Uranus, which represents everything cold and masculine. They don’t focus on emotions and sensitivity a whole lot – two things that Taurus holds close to heart.

Perhaps the only way these two can get together is if Taurus has an uncharacteristic night where they feel like letting loose and finding a lover just for one night. Aquarius is definitely the type of person who would be down for that sort of arrangement.

If they somehow manage to see each other on the same emotional level, then they have a shot to take things to the next level if they both really want to – and they can!

Although they seem to be opposites in a lot of ways, Taurus and Aquarius are both fixed signs. If you decide to put a good spin on this, it means that they can both be willing to work hard for their relationship. In other words, these two can either be hell-bent on compromising or hell-bent on standing their own grounds, which could respectively make or break their chances of being happy together.

Taurus And Aquarius Compatibility In Love And Life

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility in Life

Taurus is an Earth sign, while Aquarius is an air sign. Oceans flow around mountains, so that should already give you an idea of how these two work together.

When they first meet, it would be very easy for Taurus to be turned off by Aquarius’ carefree, out-of-the-box thinking and behavior. Aquarius is the co-worker who wears loud make-up and clothing in a law firm. They’re the person who builds their own machines, no matter how much they get hurt trying to test them out. All of this can be a tad bit too much for the stable and practical Taurus, so they can easily write off an Aquarius is someone who isn’t worth their time.

However, if they decide to let an Aquarius in, they can actually have the power to achieve things together. Aquarius can help bring Taurus’ ideas to new, more creative heights. In turn, Taurus can supply the follow-through and much-needed roundedness to Aquarius’ crazy plans.

Together, they can be impressively focused and disciplined, which is why it was mentioned earlier that it isn’t impossible for these two to build a business together.

Although they can achieve great things when they work together, one of the biggest pitfalls that a Taurus and Aquarius needs to be wary of is letting conflicts get the best of them. This can usually arise when both want to stand by their own opinions.

This just makes Taurus, true to their other name, the Bull, want to charge head-on into battle. Meanwhile, Aquarius will be aloof. It’s not unlike when a raging animal charges a brick wall, and what can be resolved from that?

There definitely are easier couples out there than the Taurus and Aquarius pairing. Although they aren’t completely similar and they don’t actually see eye-to-eye most of the time, these two make a great team for work. Their individual strong personalities guarantee good outcomes – but not necessarily in their own love life.


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