Curious if a Taurus Man is serious about you? Consider these signs that your Taurus guy wants to take your relationship to the next level.

It can be tricky to know whether or not a Taurus man is serious about someone, or you, in particular. Taurus men are romantic creatures. That said, they can be too reserved in expressing their feelings and emotions.

Taurus men all are about affectionate physical touch. But when he’s so into you, he can do as much as moving mountains just for you.

As such, it’s easier to miss the signs that indicate that a Taurus guy is, in fact, serious about you. With online dating and dating apps, it may seem that no young Taurus guy is ready to settle down yet. 

10 Telltale Signs A Taurus Man Is Serious About You

By learning the telltale signs, you can ensure that you’ve got a secured spot in his heart. Read on to discover these 10 signs.

Telltale Signs A Taurus Man Is Serious About You

  1. He spoils you a lot.

A typical Taurus man is often materialistic. Rather than being shallow, this side of him comes from his principle of enjoying things and the money he has earned from his hard work. And so, when it comes to someone he holds dear, he will surely pamper and lavish them with treats. From the best foods to jewelry and clothes, he will go all out if he can. 

  1. He’s very affectionate with you.

Paying attention to how your Taurus man touches you is another great way to determine how serious he is. Taurus signs are naturally affectionate. And as a very sensual sign, physical contact is one of his love languages. If he touches you and tries to be close to you, it’s a good sign that he likes you very much. 

  1. He talks about you often.

Does he constantly talk about you with others? He might be shy, but it won’t stop him from talking enthusiastically about you with his friends and family. It can be small things like a joke or a funny story you share with him. The point here is that you must have made an amazing, lasting impression for him to gush over you.

  1. He knows your routine.

Maybe even more than you know. A Taurus guy is systematic. He likes stability and routine. If he’s serious about you, he will try to know your schedule so he can be at the right place at the right time whenever you need him. He might give you pleasant surprises when you least expect them. This is another sign that he feels deeply about you.

  1. He tries to communicate better.

Again, he’s a shy guy. Nonetheless, if he’s serious about you, he’ll try to change his behavior to have a stronger bond with you. Of course, this doesn’t mean he will transform from a quiet person to an extrovert overnight. Instead, he’s going to try communicating with you more. It can be as simple as texting you occasionally or talking more often.

Signs A Taurus Man Is Serious About You

  1. He cooks for you.

His senses are more heightened than an average non-Taurus guy. Thus, he tends to be a foodie and is an opulence enthusiast. Thus, if he likes taking you out on fancy dinner dates, this is a great sign. Chances are, he takes you and your relationship very seriously. 

  1. He confides in you.

When a Taurus wants you to be a permanent part of his life, he’ll do whatever he can to hold on to your attention. Real romance stirs something in him, and if he sees that in you, he will likely start confiding. You should be honored since he’s the type to open up to others rarely. 

  1. He includes you in his small circle.

A Taurus man is in his most comfortable zone with his small circle of family and friends. These people are those with whom he can share everything. So, if he welcomes you into this group, it’s safe to say he’s falling for you if he hasn’t already.

  1. He protects you.

A Taurus man is particularly protective of his partner when he’s in a relationship. He’s protective of you and the way others treat you. The harder he falls, the more protective he becomes. He’ll often check up on you and drop you home late at night. It can be annoying sometimes but know that he only has your best interests at heart.

  1. He plans a future with you.

For someone as rigid and systematic as a Taurus guy, don’t be too startled if he starts including you in his plans for the future. This only means he’s serious about you and intends to be with you for a long time. He’s honest and direct, so if he tells you that he can picture you in his future, you can rest easy knowing that he means it. 


10 Telltale Signs A Taurus Man Is Serious About You