Having trouble with a that Taurus guy in your life lately? Here are signs that a Taurus man might be done with your relationship.

Here’s a harsh reality that everyone who’s actively dating must face – not every relationship is meant to last. But even if you’ve managed to stay positive and land yourself a committed man, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re in the clear.

Not to be pessimistic, but many things could go wrong in a relationship, especially in the early stages. If you’re dating a guy born between April 20 – May 20, then there are certain things you could watch out for (and avoid!) that would spell nothing but trouble for your relationship. Here are signs a Taurus man is done with you.

6 Signs A Taurus Man Is Done With You

Signs A Taurus Man Is Done With You, taurus love

1. He hasn’t talked about your future for a long while

Taureans are fixed earth signs. This behavior means that they crave stability more than anything else in life, making them the commitment type.

For this same reason, Taurus signs – yes, including the men – love to daydream about their future with their partners. So, ladies, if your Taurus man is no longer gushing about the type of floors they wish to install in your future home together, it might be time to re-assess your relationship to see if there’s anything that needs to be addressed.

2. He no longer surprises you with presents.

Another crucial thing to know about Taureans is that they are ruled by Venus, the planet that represents everything that has to do with love and beauty. For this reason, Taurus signs have a soft spot for all things beautiful and glamorous.

This behavior shows in the gifts they purchase to pamper and spoil their women. Knowing this, don’t ignore it when your Taurus man suddenly went from buying you Dolce & Gabbana to dollar-store goodies. He might be thinking that you’re not worth it anymore (sorry!)

3. He’s more firm with his stand during arguments.

Perhaps the most common stereotype about Taurus people that more often than not end up being true is that they are remarkably stubborn. This trait comes with the territory of being an earth sign.

So as a given, it may already be hard to reason with him when you encounter a disagreement, but when he’s already too headstrong (even for a bull), then it might mean he’s no longer willing to do his part to make the relationship work.

Signs A Taurus Man Is Done With You, taurus relationship

4. He doesn’t initiate intimacy as often.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Taurus men care more about your intimate experiences together than others. They’re part of that rare species of man that care more about the journey than the destination of your between-the-sheets adventures, if you know what I mean.

After all, as mentioned, they are ruled by Venus. So if he’s not putting as much effort and attention into this department as he has been before, then something important may be stopping him.

5. He’s become even more of a flake.

Through no fault of their own, Taurus people are often homebodies – or, at the very least, they prefer to stick to their daily schedule. Since they’re set in their ways, they’re sometimes guilty of flaking out on plans with other people, especially if it involves going out.

If your man has some doubts about your relationship, you may find it even harder to get him to do things with you instead of sticking to his schedule.

6. He doesn’t talk about his feelings at all anymore.

The truth is that Taureans are already not that open with their emotions in the first place. Throw in some tensions in the mix, and you may as well be talking to a brick wall. It’s never a good sign when your partner clams up emotionally, but if it’s a Taurus, then you might be nearing the end of the road.

Before you make yourself spiral, reliving the last week with your man, and checking for any of the above, remember to take these signs with a grain of salt. Just because they’re present in your relationship doesn’t mean it’s in ruin. It’s still best to talk to your bull directly to see if there’s anything wrong. Unfortunately for you, though, you might have to initiate this difficult conversation. Good luck.


Signs A Taurus Man Is Done With You