From the fast-paced Aries, the Red Planet now moves towards the slow and steady Taurus. Mars is very much at home in Aries, but the planet isn’t at its most comfortable when it resides in Taurus.

That’s because Mars is the planet of “go,” while Taurus is the type to “take it slow.” Nonetheless, these two can still work together.

Mars in Taurus Mean? Personality Traits For Man, Woman, Compatibility, Sexuality, and Significance

What matters most is to have solid roots before Mars in Taurus native forges to new paths. Being an earth sign, Taurus can go to great lengths so long as their feet stay on the ground. More details on this cosmic placement are below:

Mars in Taurus Male Personality 

A Mars in Taurus man likes to blend in and observe the world from the back. Ironically, he’s a high-material guy with quite a taste and preference. That said, as a down-to-earth sign, he’s also in tune with the comfortable parts of life.

On the other hand, he still has strong desires that he wishes to attain. This includes satisfying his senses so he can feel good and have a great time with his life. 

  1. Incredibly protective (and possessive)

He’s naturally protective. But when in love, he’s even more protective, not to mention possessive. To him, forging a bond is for eternity, which is very important to him. He always strives to keep his partner happy and satisfied as a lover. 

  1. Responsible and very disciplined, too. 

Thanks to this cosmic position, a Taurus Mars guy tends to be a master of self-discipline. This also means that he’s responsible for his duties, whether they’re assigned to him by others or by himself. He puts effort into ensuring that the job gets done. In fact, he’s happy when his responsibilities are set in stone. 

Mars in Taurus Female Personality 

A Mars in Taurus woman is patient, reliable, and sensible. And while she may seem very rooted in her style, she’s versatile. But of course, there’s always a part of her that’s traditional, especially when it comes to her principles. Also known for her stubbornness, it’s hard to change her decision once she makes up her mind about something. Suffice it to say, she’s one confident and headstrong woman. 

  1. She has her emotions in check. 

Despite her stubbornness, this woman is willing to change her ways if she’s proven wrong. Also, she’s normally restrained and discreet, so she usually doesn’t argue or enter a conflict. Because she has excellent control of her own emotions, they rarely dominate her actions. 

  1. Slow and steady is how she is.

She’s used and content with taking everything at a rather slow pace or step by step. This is good as it ensures that she does everything perfectly, with attention and responsibility. Besides, it’s frustrating and disheartening to put in so much effort only for it to be futile. It’s why she always analyzes everything thoroughly first before diving in fully. 

Mars in Taurus Compatibility 

For those born in times when Mars is in Taurus, their ideal partners are those who love romance and seduction as much as they do. Thus, they’re usually greatly matched with Mars in Libra and Scorpio. Libra loves giving you control sexually and is an adventurous person. Although Scorpio can be a bit more intense, they’ll do good at challenging you in terms of control. 

Mars in Taurus Sexuality 

Sexuality-wise, a Mars in Taurus person lives taking things slow and enjoying themselves. Rather than going straight to the final climax, they enjoy making the most out of each moment. This philosophy also applies to the chase. They like to take their partners to dinner and slowly get to know one another.

It’s like a build-up to the main event, so it’s more exciting and satisfying. These people aim to bring maximum satisfaction to their partners. Thus, as much as they want to explore in the bedroom, they’d willingly have a safe place for themselves and their partner. 

If you’re born with Mars in Taurus, then… 

Your approach to practically everything is slow and practical. You also aren’t afraid of working hard to achieve it. When you have Mars in Taurus, you have the dedication and persistence necessary to end whatever you started.

On the other hand, you can be annoyingly stubborn. Sure, when things get rough, it helps to dig in your heels. However, this can also lead to having a one-track mind and a ‘there’s no turning back’ mentality. Thus, you must still have room for change or others’ insights when you’re after something. 


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