Are you attracted to a mysterious yet stubborn Taurus guy? Here are the best ways in winning the heart of a loyal Taurus man.

Do you like the strong and silent type? If so, then you’re likely looking for a Taurus male. Known as fiercely loyal and extremely trustworthy, a Taurus guy makes an outstanding partner.

On the other side, Taurus men are also notorious for their stubbornness, challenging to attract. What’s more, they can be a little slow on the uptake.

For instance, dropping some hints or even giving them suggestive looks won’t get them to understand your message. Nonetheless, dating a Taurus man is something you shouldn’t pass on because it’s hard to find fault in them. They’re the family type of men–strong yet also a softie. 

How To Attract A Taurus Man (Irresistible Tips To Help Him Chase You)

So if you want to snag one for yourself, no one won’t be able to blame you. Taurus males are like most girls’ dream men. Want to know the signs if he likes you, as well as some hacks to help capture his heart? Read on then. 

How To Attract A Taurus Man

How do you know if a Taurus man likes you?

A Taurus man can be a bit dense, so he likely won’t make the first move. This behavior makes it harder to figure out if he has mutual feelings towards you. And so, here are the common signs that say he likes you.

  • He tells you personal information about himself.
  • He isn’t with or pursuing anyone else.
  • He gives you attention and gifts.
  • He puts effort into getting to know you better.
  • He introduces his friends to you.
  • He wants to spend most of his time with you and only you.  
  • He’s sensual and touchy around you.
  • He makes you part of his luxurious life.
  • He impresses you with thoughtful compliments. 
  • He’s shy and awkward around you.
  • He’s protective of you and gets jealous.

How to Attract a Taurus Man

Sans their bull-like stubbornness, Taurus men are a great catch. But this is also another reason why it might be hard to get one to like you. When a Taurus man falls in love, though, you’re surely in for a sweet, steady, yet fantastic ride. Let’s take a look at the ways to attract a Taurus guy.

1.Dress attractively without being too seductive.

Taurus wants a partner who’s nice to look at. That said, his taste isn’t that complicated, either. He doesn’t care about flashy, overly sexy, or trendy outfits. Just dress neatly (but not poorly) and keep your hair well-groomed.

2.Talk to him.

Most Taurus men are shy around women. As such, it can be hard for them to make the first move, even if they’re very attracted to you. Take the initiative to talk to him first. Start with a casual conversation. Topics about food are fail-proof. However, please don’t come on too strong, as you might drive him away. 

3.Wear a sweet fragrance.

Taurus males have heightened senses, which explains why they’re sensuous. They’re into fragrances and like it when a woman smells sweet as it invokes romantic vibes. Serenity, rural scenery, and romance are attractive to them. Wear an earthy yet romantic floral scent. 

Irresistible Tips To Help taurus boy Chase You

4.Be affectionate.

These guys like physical contact. It may take time to show his affectionate side, but he’s most definitely capable of it. Show him you’re comfortable with being demonstrative and caring, and he’ll be showering you with hugs and kisses in no time. 

5.Think practical when money is concerned.

He has an eye for money and won’t be too forgiving with any impractical spending. If you’re financially sound, this can get his attention since he’s very practical. That said, they recognize when something of quality is worth it. So, you don’t have to be a cheapskate at everything.

6. Be honest.

Show him your true self. He will appreciate you being honest with him and trusting him enough to show your authentic self. A Taurus guy isn’t quick to trust. Thus, any lying will not be tolerated. Please don’t put up a front to make him like you even more. You won’t be able to keep up the facade forever. 

7.Patience is the key.

They like to feel out about their adventures and decisions in life. He takes things slowly and doesn’t like change. So, don’t rush him. If he has something to say, give him time to finish it. If he needs to do something, let him.


The greatest thing about having a Taurus partner is that he will love you eternally. They’re the truest and loyal lovers you could ever have. Good luck with winning his heart!


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