Taurus males are warm, sweet, and dependable. But like most men, they can also play games with people. In fact, it’s common for the Taurus sign to do this while in a relationship.

What’s more, they’re known for taking their time when it comes to love. If your Taurus guy is like any other Taurus native, expect it to be focused on creating a stable and secure life.

As such, he wants to make sure that his partner is the right one for him so he won’t have to waste his precious time. On the bright side, he’s not a heartless person, so he won’t be callous on testing you.

How Does A Taurus Man Test You? (And Tips to Deal)

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How Does A Taurus Man Test You (And Tips to Deal) (1)

  1. He ignores your messages.

Did your Taurus man ignore your texts a couple of times now? He’s likely playing the chasing game with you and is putting more effort than normal. This is a strong sign that he’s still on the fence about his feelings for you, hence why he’s trying to test your reaction. 

What to do:

Give it a couple of weeks. He might get tired of your neediness if you come on too strong with your questions and texts. The important thing here is to be cool, so he’ll know that you don’t rush things and respect his boundaries. 

  1. He plays hot and cold.

When a Taurus man likes you but isn’t sure you feel the same, he will test you by acting interested one second and disappearing the next. The truth is, he only wants to make you want him as much as he wants you. 

What to do:

Having him disappear on you can be confusing and frustrating, but he’s just waiting for you to reach out to him. But don’t bombard him with texts asking about his whereabouts because this will scare him away. Instead, send him a friendly text or give him a quick call so he’ll take the hint that you’re still interested.

  1. He goes slow.

A Taurus guy has always been slow on things, not slow-witted, but the play-it-safe kind of slow. So, he’s gonna take his time and be persistent in his efforts. He’s doing this to make sure he doesn’t slip up. Also, he probably isn’t sure yet if you’re the right one for him. 

What to do:

Show him that you’re interested in him. He’ll take it as a cue to start opening up more to you. And sooner or later, he’s also gonna make it clear how he feels about you. 

How Does A Taurus Man Test You (And Tips to Deal) (1)

  1. He observes and asks a lot of questions.

Does your Taurus date go quiet while you talk? If so, he’s doing that to soak in and take note of everything you shared. And as he listens to you, he’s also studying your body language and evaluating your compatibility. 

What to do:

Ask him questions about himself. A Taurus guy likes it when his partner shares the spotlight with him because it makes him feel that you’re truly into him. Plus, this prevents him from thinking you’re selfish and likes to make things all about you. 

  1. He refuses to help you with some things.

It’s a strange way of testing someone, isn’t it? Welp, it’s just how a Taurus man’s mind works. It’s not that he won’t help you with everything, but rather, only on certain things. He does this to see if you can deal with things by yourself and to gauge how possibly dependent you can be. He also wants to ensure you aren’t just taking advantage of his generosity and kindness.

What to do:

Don’t complain or get angry when he doesn’t help you. Instead, show him you’re self-sufficient enough to handle the challenges and problems yourself. 

  1. He tries to catch you out in a lie.

Taurus-born individuals highly value honesty. As such, when it comes to relationships, he’s very particular with the truth. He wants a deep, truthful connection with his partner. If he suspects you’re hiding something from him, he’s gonna try catching you on it. He’ll start asking you some odd questions. 

What to do:

Be as honest as possible with him. You don’t have to report every little detail about your life. However, don’t tell lies, especially not to appease him. He’d rather you be upfront about it even if it hurt him.


How Does A Taurus Man Test You (And Tips to Deal)