Are you seeing red flags in your relationship with a Taurus man? Here are some warning signs that your Taurus man could be playing you. 

Are you into a Taurus man but aren’t sure how he feels about you? Well, you aren’t alone. Considering the stoic and somewhat mysterious personality of Taurus men, it can be especially difficult to figure out their true intentions.

10 Warning Signs That Your Taurus Man Is Playing You

Some signs point out that a Taurus man is playing you. Read on to know more about these signals.

red flags That Your Taurus Man Is Playing You

  1. He doesn’t care about you.

Tons of men act like they don’t care just to pique your curiosity and interest in them. While ignoring can be a great aphrodisiac for girls, this isn’t something a Taurus guy would do. How he acts is always a reflection of how he feels towards that person. So, if he acts like he doesn’t like you, chances are, it’s how it looks. 

  1. He’s unreachable one day and available the next.

Does your Taurus guy reach out to you and then go days or weeks without keeping in touch? A good reason for this is that he’s only playing you. Sure, Taurus males are terrible at communication, but if he likes you, he will surely keep in contact. Moreover, he’s stable and reliable, so he’s always going to try to answer you as soon as possible. 

  1. He avoids personal topics.

Can you name 5 personal things you know about your Taurus date? No? Then it’s because he won’t intend to talk about his personal life with you. And yes, it’s likely because he isn’t interested in getting to know you, either. Considering how he’s a humble and practical guy, he should have already shared his intimate life with you if he’s ready to commit.

  1. He’s selfish.

Taurus guys are naturally generous, even more so with their family and friends. They like helping and supporting those they hold dear and even do whatever it takes to make their loved ones happy. But if your Taurus man only cares about himself, then it’s an obvious sign that he isn’t into you. Because you aren’t his priority, he doesn’t concern himself with you.

  1. He doesn’t have an inkling of romance in him.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Thus, following that logic, a Taurus man should be romantic. So, if he lacks romance or has none at all, then it means he isn’t interested. He’s not putting in effort because he simply doesn’t see a point in it. He might even be too focused on himself to notice that you want to be pampered even for a little bit.

Warning Signs That Your Taurus Man Is Playing You

  1. He doesn’t even try to impress you.

With the kind of guy a Taurus native is, he’d do his best to impress the heck out of a person he’s interested in. If he’s only toying with you, he won’t bother showing you his best attributes and qualities. For instance, you likely won’t hear about his latest career achievement or see him look at his best.

  1. He doesn’t take you out on dates.

Another big, unmistakable sign a Taurus guy could be playing you is when you haven’t been on a date with him. When romancing someone, taking them out on dates is crucial, something a Taurus man understands. But if he doesn’t do it or keeps giving you excuses not to go on dates, then it’s time you move along. You’re only wasting your time with him.

  1. He doesn’t get you gifts.

As we’ve said before, a Taurus man is remarkably generous. If he wants to be with you, he’ll surely surprise you with thoughtful presents. He’ll listen attentively to you to know what you want and need. However, if he doesn’t get you anything, ever, then it’s another red flag. Sure, he might just be stingy, but there’s a good chance he’s toying with you.

  1. He’s only around for an intimate time but not quality time.

One of the worst offenses a Taurus man commits is treating someone like another notch to his bedpost. He tells you things you want to hear and lures you into bed. But when the time comes that you want to spend quality time with him, he’s suddenly a no-show. 

  1. He won’t commit.

Have you perhaps asked him about his long-term plans for your relationship, or maybe just about his commitment to you? Did he answer negatively? Although Taurus men can be slow to commit, if he likes you, he should be open enough to give you opportunities to nudge him in that direction. Meanwhile, he might just tell you outright that he doesn’t want a relationship right now. 


Warning Signs That Your Taurus Man Is Playing You