Ambition, honesty, romance, and personal space will keep the fire burning with your Taurus man. Find more flirting tips for your Taurus boy.

Want the spark to fly or keep it flying between you and your Taurus love interest? Taurus is most known for their stubborn yet ambitious personalities. They aren’t the most upfront about their feelings; thus, you might wonder where you truly stand.

Thankfully, it isn’t rocket science to flirt with a Taurus guy effectively. For instance, you should let him take his time since he tends to move slower. You may also let him chase you. 

Tips To Flirt With A Taurus Man And Keep Him Interested

Continue reading to know more about how to attract a Taurus man and keep him interested. 

Tips To Flirt With A Taurus Man And Keep Him Interested

Tips for flirting with your Taurus man

  1. Be well-groomed.

A Taurus man has very sensitive senses. Thus, one surefire way to flirt with him is to stimulate his senses. In particular, put effort into making yourself look good and smell good. But of course, don’t overdo it. He’s an earthly sign, so materialistic things are his cup of tea. You shouldn’t embellish yourself with diamonds or dress up in designer brands on your first date. He might enjoy worldly things, but he doesn’t like flashy things. 

  1. Give him compliments.

Another way to successfully get a Taurus man’s attention is to keep complimenting him. But make sure you mean the stuff you say. Taurus natives can sniff out fakes and pretentious behaviors. Tell him he looks good and that he smells good. Possessions are also important to him so try complimenting him on those things. 

  1. Touch him back.

He’s flirty and handsy. So, don’t be afraid to return his touchy-feely gestures. Plus, touch is a primary means of communication for a Taurus man. Being an earth sign, he’s a physical sign who experiences the world through his senses. Simple gestures like brushing something off his face or being close to him already convey a lot of communication. From touching his hands to playfully tapping his arm, it’ll surely get him to flirt with you back. 

  1. Put your humorous side on display.

This guy loves it when you can make him laugh or if you can laugh with him. Many Taurus men have the heartiest laugh among guys. A ton of them is even comedians. He’s also likely a homebody, so he’s probably more into Netflix and chill than watching stand-up comedies. Whatever it is, make sure to showcase your funny side when you’re with him.

  1. Allow him to bid his time.

One thing a Taurus man hates is when he’s being rushed. If you push him, it’ll only scare him off. When dealing with this sign, you can never tell how long he can come up with a decision. The only thing left for you to do is to be patient. Let him take his time getting to know you. The slow burn is surely going to be worth it. 

Tips on Flirting With A Taurus Man And Keep Him Interested

Tips to keeping your Taurus man interested

  1. Keep the romance alive.

He’s a hopeless romantic, so expect to be showered with romantic gestures. Isn’t it amazing to be on the receiving end of those gestures? Well, it’s time for you to give back to your Taurus man. Return his romantic moves to show you care about and appreciate him. You can give him a small token of your affection, a handmade knitted scarf, or even a store-bought one. 

  1. Establish sweet habits together.

Taurus men love routine. Hence, your Taurus man will love it if you’re in his routine. Sure, you can do things like exercise together or go grocery shopping on Saturday mornings. But consider taking it to another level to make those routines more memorable. For instance, check in on him to see how he’s doing at work. A quick text can uplift his mood and make him crave more.

  1. Cook him meals.

A way to a Taurus man’s heart is through his stomach. He lives to eat. So, if you have some hidden cooking skills, it’s high time to use them. Again, he’s highly sensory, so feeding him a delicious meal will do great things for him. 

  1. Keep it real.

This guy is big on honesty. Thus, make sure always to show him your true, genuine self. If he liked you initially, it’s because he liked you for who you are. And he expects the same from you. 

  1. Have life goals.

The Bull is also career-oriented. He’s ambitious, so sooner or later, he’ll figure out what he wants to do. He might be a simple, no-fuss guy, but he’s majorly turned on with someone who has big dreams. To him, having dreams means having stability. 


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