My Sign Is Taurus

About Taurus

  • Taurus Constellation_ Interesting Facts About the Taurus Bull 1

    Taurus Constellation: Learn Facts About The Taurus Bull

    Learn about the Taurus constellation and its history. Here are interesting facts and mythology about the Taurus Bull. For the dreamer, stars are beautiful shimmering elements in the night sky that they can anchor their wishes on. For the realist, stars are a bright sphere of plasma (whatever that is) that’s held together by its […] Read more…

  • Taurus Symbol: Learn The Origin and Meaning for the Taurus Zodiac Sign

    Taurus Symbol: Learn The Origin and Meaning For The Taurus Sign

    Find out more about the Taurus symbol. Learn about the Taurus zodiac sign’s origin and meaning as well as an overview of its mythology. Just like the other 11 signs of the zodiac, Taurus has symbols that represent the unique qualities that define Taureans. Out of the 12 zodiac signs, only three of them (Virgo, […] Read more…

Taurus Traits

  • Interesting Things You Should Know About Raising A Taurus Child

    5 Interesting Things You Should Know About Raising A Taurus Child

    Wondering what your Taurus child will be like? Consider these typical traits found in children born under the Taurus sign. Being a parent is already a given challenge. If your particular child, however, is born between April 20 and May 20, then – good news! – you don’t have much to worry about. Being an […] Read more…

  • taurus career paths

    Taurus Career Path Suggestions: Jobs For Taurus Signs

    Curious about career matches for Taurus? Consider these Taurus career paths based on your traits and personality. If you keep a Taurus around, you would know how they are stable, practical, and determined individuals. When they set a goal, they would do just about anything to reach it. They are driven and would not settle […] Read more…

Taurus Love

  • Signs A Taurus Man Is Done With You, taurus love

    6 Signs A Taurus Man Is Done With You

    Having trouble with a that Taurus guy in your life lately? Here are signs that a Taurus man might be done with your relationship. Here’s a harsh reality that everyone who’s actively dating must face – not every relationship is meant to last. But even if you’ve managed to stay positive and land yourself a […] Read more…

  • Signs A Taurus Woman Is Done With You, Taurus love

    5 Signs A Taurus Woman Is Done With You

    Are you having difficult conversations with a Taurus love lately? Here are the five warning signs when a Taurus woman is done with you. Whoever said that women are impossible to read needs a crash course on communication. People often forget that messages can be relayed even without words, through mere action alone – or […] Read more…

Taurus Compatibility

  • Zodiac Signs That Make Good Friends or Bad Enemies for a Taurus

    No matter how charming you can be, not everyone can be your best friend. That’s just a fact of life. This is true for everyone, and Taurus is definitely not an exception. Some people absolutely adore their laidback nature, while others may find this too… boring (sorry, Taureans). Some people can also be put off […] Read more…

  • Signs That are Least Compatible with Taurus

    Please leave it to Taurus people to be the most loyal to their partners. After all, they’re all about finding “The One.” And as a sign that Venus’s ruled, Taurus often gets reeled in by pretty face and status. The thing is, many Taurus seem to be magnets of those who aren’t as commitment-oriented as […] Read more…